Saturday, May 21, 2011

My thoughts halfway through our state's GOP Convention

"I agree with Paul Ryan, Jim Sensenbrenner and Ron Johnson. Today they spoke about the need to continue the work to restore fiscal sanity and beat back the culture of entitlement and dependency that threatens America's greatness. Not just America's future--if we don't cut spending and right-size government we jeopardize the present.  Those of us who worked day and night here in 2010 realize it was the most successful year ever for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, but the delegates here are committed to working even harder. And we have a lot of work to do-- to turn back the recalls, grow our majorities, defeat Barack Obama and elect a Republican US
Senator in 2012. I've done my fair share of talking to convention goers
since I arrived yesterday afternoon, but mostly I am listening. I am encouraged by what I've heard, humbled by those who have expressed a desire for me to run, and committed to making a decision soon. Getting America working again will require a candidate who shares our values, is fully engaged and inspires smart, hard workers from experienced volunteers and fresh faces alike. This is an important place to be for any potential GOP candidate and I'm looking forward to the banquet tonight and the prayer breakfast tomorrow, too."

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