Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kanavas Responds to Straw Poll Results

Kanavas Responds to Straw Poll Results

“Obviously, it is inspiring to come out ahead in a poll of the party's grassroots volunteers. I appreciate their vote of confidence. The Republican Party of Wisconsin is a strong, vibrant organization that had tremendous success in 2010. We will build upon that to beat back the recalls of our state senators, we will make sure Barack Obama does not win here and we will elect a GOP Senator in 2012. We have to get America working again. There is a long way to go, but this vote of confidence gives us something to think about, and build upon, as I seriously consider running."

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Anonymous said...

Senator, Although I was pleased with your strong showing in the straw poll, what it revealed was Tommy's weakness. I have 0 intrest in Tommy because of his record as Governor. Besides, Tommy is "over the hill". Please stay where you are, the Senate needs you here now. Encourage Tim Michaels to run,---he is already considering it. God's best, Bill Elmhorst-Clark County Delegate