Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 5: Seed License Tax

(Madison)…State Senator Ted Kanavas (R-Brookfield), as part of his April tax Awareness campaign to raise the profile of Governor Doyle’s and the Democrat’s tax and spend proposals, today focused on the increases on seed licensing fees in the 2009-2011 biennial budget.

“The governor’s budget takes the approach that successful businesses should pay higher taxes,” said Kanavas. “Agricultural companies working to meet state licensing requirements would find doing business more expensive under this Democrat proposal.”

The 2009-2001 budget proposal would create new categories for the assessment of licensing fees in the seed labeling and testing program. The net result of this proposal would be to make it easier for state government to tax companies as they succeed and expand. Estimates suggest that businesses would pay an additional $43 thousand over the next two years.

“This budget is not without its ironies. In this case, Wisconsin companies that sell seeds will be taxed higher as their businesses grow,” said Kanavas. “Governor Doyle and the Democrats should be nurturing the agricultural industry instead of nickel and diming it.”

This release is part of Senator Kanavas’ April Tax Awareness Campaign designed to educate Wisconsinites about the $1.7 billion of in new taxes and fees contained in the Democrat’s 2009-2011 budget.

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