Wednesday, April 1, 2009

30 Days of Democratic Tax Increases: Kanavas Kicks off April Tax Awareness Campaign

Like I did during the last budget debate in 2007, I am using the month of April to issue a press release every day targeting specific tax increases in the Governor's budget. The releases will be posted on my state website Please stop by and check them out. (Here is the the introductory release...)



(Madison)…State Senator Ted Kanavas (R-Brookfield) today announced the beginning of a public awareness campaign during the month of April highlighting the tax and spend proposals of Governor Doyle and the Democrats.

“Wisconsin is experiencing a deep recession and near double digit unemployment. The Governor’s solution is to take more of your money and tax and spend his way out of trouble. This budget is a reckless disaster. It will kill jobs, discourage investment and create mountains of debt our children will be forced to pay,” stated Kanavas.

Governor Doyle’s budget creates $1.7 billion dollars in tax and fee increases. These tax hikes are in addition to the $1.2 billion in new taxes already passed by the Democrats earlier this year. Senator Kanavas’ April Tax Awareness campaign will highlight a different tax or fee increase each day of the month to inform the public of the impending financial disaster should this budget pass in its current form.

“How can a state have a structural deficit after an infusion of almost $4 billion dollars in federal money and $3 billion in tax and fee increases? It’s obvious the Democrats, who now control both houses of the legislature and the Governor’s mansion, have an insatiable desire to tax and spend your money. I encourage people to contact the Governor and their legislators and tell them that Wisconsin cannot afford higher taxes or this budget,” Kanavas concluded.

To learn more about Senator Kanavas’ April Tax Awareness campaign, Senator Kanavas’ initiatives and the 33rd Senate District please visit his website at:

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