Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kanavas Column: Perception vs. Reality

As most of you know, I have announced that I will not seek re-election to the State Senate this fall. I wanted to let you all know that I plan on hitting the finish line sprinting and will continue to work hard and diligently serve the people of the 33rd District.

To that end, I thought you would be interested in reading my most recent column:

Perception vs. Reality

From the moment I began my service in the state senate I’ve also had a job in the private sector. My experience has mirrored the experience of most people with “real world jobs.” Some years were good and some were bad.

Thanks to that experience, I know firsthand what politicians do in Madison can help and hurt the rest of us. I also know we need to rethink how our state views private business. It can no longer use employers as the state’s personal piggy bank. And government must acknowledge that normal people, everyday taxpayers, can only sacrifice so much before it pushes them to their wits end - unable to sustain their quality of life or provide for their loved ones.

This is reality. But does everyone get it?

If you watched Governor Doyle’s State of the State Address you may question if the Democrats really know what is happening in Wisconsin. In case you missed it, during the final few minutes of the speech, the Governor reflected on his two terms in office. To say the least, it was an interesting take on the past decade. It was also indicative of how delusional the Democrats are when it comes to the realities of our state.

Here are the last few sentences: “When they write the history of this time, let them say we met our generation's challenge. We helped those in trouble…we made health care available to our citizens…we educated our kids…we invested in our businesses and workers…we seized the new opportunities presented…and we moved boldly into the future.”

If you or I were to write this speech, we would certainly tell a different story. Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites are receiving some form of government run healthcare, MPS is failing to educate the children of Milwaukee and the district is bankrupt, businesses are leaving the state at an alarming pace, and unemployment is near 9%. If that is our bold new future folks, then dark days are ahead.

The Democrats want us to perceive them as having done something, anything, over the last decade to improve our state. As we all know, in politics and in life, perception and reality are often two entirely different things. If you just listened to the Democrats, you wouldn’t even know we had a problem. Forget our record unemployment…We seized opportunities! We moved boldly!

Tell that to the family that has gone from having Mom and Dad each working full time jobs, to Mom working two jobs and Dad working less time for less money. Families are looking for hope and the Democrats certainly didn’t say anything to indicate help is on the way.

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