Monday, November 9, 2009

Statement on Senate Democrats' Economic Development Plan

Kanavas Statement on Senate Democrats’ Economic Development Plan

(Madison, WI)…State Senator Ted Kanavas (R-Brookfield) released the following statement in response to Senate Democrats’ unveiling their new economic development plan:

“What jobs will be created by passing this bill? Capital is leaving our state by the millions of dollars and the Democrats’ plan to reverse the state’s economic death spiral is to hire a grant writer and a regulatory ombudsman?

Our state is dying. Businesses and people cannot move out of state fast enough and at this time of nearly unprecedented joblessness the Democrats have a plan to do as little as possible. Where are the tax cuts to spur growth? Where is the expansion of the R&D tax credit to encourage innovation in existing companies? Where is a cut in the capital gains tax so businesses don’t leave Wisconsin?

They could not have done less and still said they had a plan.”

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If you want to read the plan for yourself you may do so at the Wheeler Report's website:

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