Monday, October 5, 2009

Ethanol Mandate…It’s back….

Did you ever think the issue of an ethanol mandate would really be gone? Of course not. This week the Committee on Rural Issues, Biofuels, and Information Technology is holding a hearing on Senate Bill 279. The bill does many things, but most importantly, it creates an ethanol mandate in Wisconsin.

As a member of the committee hearing the bill on Wednesday I am going to take an active roll in this debate. I continue to be strongly opposed to a statewide ethanol mandate and hope people take a few moments to contact their legislators and express their opinion on this important issue.

If you want to read the bill you may do so by following the link below:

The specific section of the bill allowing for the mandate to be created can be found on the bottom of page 25 and continued on to the top of page 26. Basically, the bill sets a goal of ethanol sales in the state. If the sales don’t meet the goals a government agency may create “annual requirements” for ethanol sales.

Read it for yourself:

(5) RENEWABLE FUEL SALES REQUIREMENTS. If the department determines under
sub. (4) (a) 4. or 5. that requirements for renewable fuel sales would likely result in
sales of volumes of renewable fuels that meet the goals in sub. may include any of the following in rules promulgated under this subsection:

(a) Reporting, record−keeping, or testing requirements.

(b) Annual requirements for sales of renewable fuels in this state.

(c) Quarterly or monthly requirements for sales of a renewable fuel if the
department determines that these requirements are necessary to maintain the
availability of the renewable fuel in the state and to prevent harm to markets for the
renewable fuel in the state caused by fluctuations in demand for the renewable fuel.


madj said...

Is there a method in which to "follow the money" as to who has invested in ethynol and how heavily and relate that to their votes to ultimately expose their fraud?

Ted Kanavas said...

You may personally examine all campaign finance information on the state Government Accountability Board website.